Horizon Mouldings offer you a range of solid hardwood products from the floor to the ceiling.  Our customer can choose from a wide selection of domestic hardwood species, including exotic and high end wood.

We also offer a customized manufacturing service, woodworking, finishing and color matching for any stained products.


Prices are subject to change with 30 days notice

Prices are FOB our mill.

Set-up fees

Set-up fees of 50.00$ will be charged to the order that has less than required minimum quantity which appears beside each products in your price list.

Domestic Hardwood

(Red Oak, White Oak, Birch, Mapple, Ash & Hickory).

Exotic Species

Call us for information or a quote.

Matching fee :

A fee of 50.00$ will be charged for each color matched.  However, for any order over 1500.00$, the 50.00$ fee will be credited.

Special wood finish

Wire brush moulding 10% addition surcharge.

Purchase Order

Purchase order must be sent to the following email address alain.horizon@nb.aibn.com  or by fax 1-506-783-8398.


Please let us know if you prefer to receive your invoice via email or fax.

Our Policy